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Schooner Court,
Kent DA2 6QQ

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Marketing and HSQ&E

The Marketing and HSQE department are responsible for all matters relating to both marketing / PR and the management systems to include health and safety, environmental and quality. 

All marketing material to include brochures and the website is produced in-house by the marketing department.  In addition the department complete all PQQ's and expression of interest applications and provide support for the quality submission section of tenders.

The three management systems (ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001) are written and managed by the department including all review, auditing and continual improvement.

The department is responsible for all matters relating to H&S with a NEBOSH trained H&S Manager and support from an external H&S Consultant. 

The department is further responsible for the internal knowledge management (IT) system and all training.